About us

We are a modern and independent company based in Gdynia offering the full scope of freight forwarding services.

Road Freight

Ocean Freight

Air Freight

We have been active in the TSL industry
since 2003

delivering hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo yearly and gaining the recognition of a stable and reliable partner among our contractors.

Since the beginning of our business activity we have promoted ethical business conduct. We have been recognized with a number of awards in Poland, including Diamenty Forbesa (Forbes Diamonds), Złoty Certyfikat Rzetelności (Golden Certificate of Reliability) and Certyfikat Wiarygodności Biznesowej (Certificate of Business Credibility).

All transactions are subject to Polish General Forwarding Rules 2010

Our Mission:
By organizing transportation, we organize life, getting closer to fulfilling your plans and dreams with each kilometre.

Delphia a trusted carrier

We cooperate only with carefully selected, trusted and reliable carriers. We keep a current register of the validity of insurance policies, transportation licenses and the punctuality of performed transport.

We take care of our carriers by guaranteeing the inclusion of working time regulations for drivers, our reliability in the performance of obligations and short payment deadlines for transportation services.

Delphia security

The activities of our company are protected under carrier liability insurance all over the world.

In case of loads of significant value, we also offer additional protection within the framework of cargo insurance.

Delphia the people

We are a team comprising individuals with complementary skills, temperaments and personal talents.

We create the unique image of the company, which transforms the term freight forwarding into something more than just a group of forwarders. We guarantee professionalism and reliability within the scope of the following departments:

  • domestic road freight
  • road bulk freight
  • international road freight
  • ocean+ air freight
  • sales
  • accounting.

Animals at work

As the first company in the freight forwarding industry we introduced pets@work. Our employees can come to the office with their four-legged friends. We are responsible for those that we have domesticated. We also feel responsible for the cargo that you entrust to us.

We love and take care of our animals and know how to work with empathy and sensibility to the needs of our clients. We hope that there will be more and more animal-friendly companies.

Delphia charity work

We act with care and whole-heartedly participate in local work to the benefit of children and animals. We have established long-term cooperation with the Gdansk Hospice Foundation and the Ciapkowo animal shelter in Gdynia.

We identify our market success not in increased consumption, but rather in increased opportunities of self-realization, development and helping others.

Delphia environmentally-friendly

We think green by taking care of the office recycling of materials and used electronic equipment and buying paper products and gadgets created from waste paper. We have joined the educational campaign for kids “Collect waste paper, save horses” which teaches them about the humane treatment of living beings and promotes the idea of recycling.

As representatives of the transportation industry, we have signed a petition for the prohibition of inhumane transportation of animals over long distances.

Loyalty program

We offer an attractive loyalty program to our long-standing and loyal customers.

Should you be interested in receiving more detailed information, please contact us at biuro@delphia.com.pl